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Power of Good Advice

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

We live in the Information Age, and information is priceless. A good advisor / consultant will be able to provide you the information that could make you richer. Also, they will take the time to update, train and educate you, as they are your eyes and ears for the market. What you pay your advisor / consultant is a penny in comparison to the kind of money you makes. Your advisor / consultant makes money, only when you make a lot of money. The guidance you choose to follow­ or reject can make the big difference between success and failure. Good advisor / consultant not only save money but also save your time and keeps you stress free.

One major reason between the successful and unsuccessful management is the kind of advisors they hire. Unsuccessful management are more likely to seek advice from friends or other likeable people, executives in the same industry and with a similar functional background than those at successful management. Other reason of unsuccessful management is imprecise or ineffective communication or cognitive or emotional blinders, while communicating the problem with advisors. When communicating ineffectively, they may tell a lengthy, blow-by-blow story. Even, sometime background essentials often about past incidents or organizational politics, important data are skipped unintentionally. Good advice can mean the difference between sinking and swimming. It can separate the ordinary from the extraordinary.

If you, yourself are engaged in non core activities, you may neither have time for core activity, nor be able to value your time. If you want to save a few rupees by doing non-core activity, while you could use that time to do what you are good at and to make more money or to spend some time with those you love. One individual can’t be a master of all trades, so Why not to engage Call2CFO team for your non-core activities? Exchange of advice are center of effective and good leadership and decision making. Receiving guidance is often considered as the passive use of wisdom. When the exchange is done well, people on both sides of the table benefit. Management who are truly open for guidance, develop better solutions to their problems than they would have on their own.

When you are exchanging advice, flawed logic and limited information complicate the process. Advice seekers must identify their blind spots, recognize when and how to ask for guidance, draw useful insights from the right people like Call2CFO and overcome an inevitable defensiveness about their own views. Call2CFO too, face myriad challenges as they try to interpret messy situations and provide guidance on seemingly intractable problems. Sometime people wonder whether they need help or not, they often have issues while assessing their own competence and rely on their faith on their intuition on the basis of prior knowledge and assumptions. This sometime leads to big mistakes.

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