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Why do you need a Virtual CFO...

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Every company need to have an expert in financial management who is experienced, skilled, insightful and able to see the big picture. This kind of talent is expensive. But companies do not need access to this kind of talent every day. Virtual CFO is offers businesses of any size to benefit from the services of a CFO without having a full-time CFO. The role of a Virtual CFO is to provide strategic insight to support the al future decision and action plans. However, many businesses either do not have the bandwidth and budget to appoint a full time qualified and experienced CFO. This is where the Virtual CFO Services come into the picture. Call2CFO is one of the Virtual CFO services provider.

Many challenges are being faced by the organizations in terms of growth, financial aspects, accounting as well as management. SME and Start-ups usually cannot afford to employ a full time Chief Financial Officer (CFO). This need can be taken care by Call2CFO (The Business Architect), which helps to provide financial intelligence that will increase cash flow, boost profit margins and streamline business growth. No business is too big or too small to benefit from Virtual CFO services. Call2CFO support to the management in any concern area not limited to the finance department but business as a whole. Virtual CFO services offer value for money than hiring a full time CFO and flexibility.

Why should you hire Call2CFO - Virtual CFO Services:

1. Actual CFO vs Virtual CFO: Virtual CFO services offers services from complete and highly experienced team of CFO, CSs, CAs and MBAs, which can achieve much more than an actual CFO (one man) hired in any organization

2. Cost Effective: The cost of a Virtual CFO is significantly lower than a single Full time CFO. Virtual CFO team can be hired for specific duration & for specific time, problem. We have proven ability to turn around quality and right fit resource very quickly. In-house CFO has multiple additional expenses in comparison to virtual CFO.

3. Unbiased and Vast Network: Virtual CFO is free from all biases of internal team and works for the benefits of the management and company. You also get benefits from the vast network of Virtual CFO to the most relevant bankers, investor and others experts and services providers.

4. Quality Inputs: Virtual CFO with a team of experienced members and experts of various field gives the all the required quality inputs for all future action and key decisions.

5. Stress Removal: Virtual CFO on board helps a business to concentrate on its core operations and leave the non-core functions of financial management & decision making to professional, who are master of their domains. Virtual CFO is responsible for ensuring that your business maximizes its financial advantages and minimizes its financial risk.


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