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Virtual CFO - The Business Architect

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

As India is growing, governments are promoting people to do business instead of looking for jobs. Many new companies are coming up in big way, in the form of start-ups, SMEs and MSME. These companies need two main things for their survival, one is expertise in an additional field other than their core field and second cost effectiveness. The Virtual CFO fits both of these requirements. While being cost effective and an expert in financial arena, the Virtual CFO, lets entrepreneurs focus on their core field without any stress. Call2CFO is an organization which is helping MSMEs, SMEs and start-ups across sectors to grow at their desired pace.

Taking well informed decisions is critical for the growth and success of any business. Any business decision has a direct and also indirect impact on the top line (sales / receipts) and bottom line (profits) of the company. Virtual CFO can guide the entrepreneurs to take well informed decisions which are backed by facts and figures. Virtual CFO can give financial analysis of any business decision and help to improve the efficiency and productivity of a business, as a business architect.

Virtual CFO – Expert Advisor and Business Booster Guide

Understanding the financial documents and figures mentioned therein is also an expertise. Every investor and lender including the banker, takes their initial decisions and shortlisting based on these documents. Virtual CFO helps the promoter to understand all the figures in easy to understand language and guide how business process and action will impact these figures in future. Virtual CFO also adds credibility to the business along with supporting the entrepreneurs while communicating and negotiating with investors and bankers.

A good advice can be game changer for a business. Call2CFO's entire team including CAs, CS, MBA, Lawyers and bankers, works for you as a single Virtual CFO.

Virtual CFO helps to implement and monitor cash-flow forecasting, review and advice on current financial process and policies, business budgeting along with defining the performance KPI and measurement parameters on regular basis. Virtual CFO – Cost Effective Resource Virtual CFO, lets you focus on the core business or expertise, while taking care of all the financial management functions along with guidance in taking critical decisions. Virtual CFO is not one person, it is one contact person for entire team of CAs, Cs, MBAs, Lawyers and bankers, who have experience in multiple business sectors. Entrepreneurs do not need to refer for multiple experts for different issues.

Also affording full time CFO, is not possible for most of the Start-ups and SMEs on financial grounds. Virtual CFO, offers a solution for this issue. It is cost effective, you may have a Virtual CFO for less than 20% cost of fulltime CFO. Having virtual Call2CFO is as easy to have a mobile app in your phone for most of your problems. Any start-up can have this luxury at affordable price without other running and overhead and maintenance cost.

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